Optima Lakeview

See below for numerous design changes we’ve made since the first community meeting.

Height, Density and Layout Revisions

Reduced rooftop height by 4’ due to reduction of rooftop terrace

Residential building height reduced from 82’ to 81’. Height of the elevator overrun which is the tallest portion of the building and is only 205 square feet has decreased from 105’ to 99’

Increased westernmost setback from 6’11” to 25’

Revisions to building amenity plans have reduced size of the proposed atrium

Ground Level/Commercial Space Revisions

Increased commercial space from 8,880 square feet to 13,814 square feet, with commercial space now comprising 20% of overall lot area

Adjusted commercial space layout to abut property line to comply with existing Pedestrian Retail Street designation for block

Glass used on Broadway Street commercial façade will include retractable glass walls allowing for indoor / outdoor connections for commercial space

Awnings have been incorporated to commercial space to enhance consistency with nearby commercial structures

Rooftop Revisions

Relocated pool and spa from Broadway Street elevation and now located closer to southern property line


Reduced amount of glass exterior on ground level and incorporated brick, consistent with existing, nearby buildings

Extended brick façade materials to second floor of building

Public Benefits

Construction of covered public plaza at southwest corner of Cornelia and Broadway Streets (northeast corner of property)

Reconfigured building entrance to be further east and accessible via Broadway Street only to reduce pedestrian and vehicular traffic on Cornelia Street

Per neighbor’s request, relocated most mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment from west side of building to south side of building, away from residential neighbors

Elimination of three (3) existing curb cuts on Broadway Street to encourage further pedestrian use on block and addition of two (2) parking spaces on Broadway Street

Provide pedestrian countdown and LED signals at intersection of Broadway and Cornelia Streets

Recessed loading zones into the property to further reduce any potential impact on traffic and eliminate need for vehicles to back up onto Broadway